Ladies, it’s time to shake things up a bit. Every now and then we need to re-invent ourselves to bloom into the inner Queens we are called to be. Here is a great article that gives you excellent advice on what steps to take.

1-Work_not_workingBig Change: Get Yourself A Mentor

2-Forgotten_funBig Change: Travel To Another Country

3-HeathBig Change: Conquer The Eating/Sleeping/Exercising Trifecta Once And For All

4-SurroundingsBig Change: Redecorate Your Place

5-friendshipBig Change: Expand Your Buddy Base

6-Romantic_lifeBig Change: Recognize Whether It’s Worth Keeping

7-Know_yourselfBig Change: Tackle A Recurring Problem

8-MoneyBig Change: Achieve Financial Freedom

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