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Another interesting article on the debate of the portrayal of African American women in mainstream media: http://thefeministwire.com/2013/05/the-rise-of-beyonce-the-fall-of-lauryn-hill-a-tale-of-two-icons/

Here are some cool collared shirts for springtime. I have paired them with equally awesome handbags from the Dream Queen handbags online boutique.













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My all-time favorite label, aside from Dream Queen Handbags of course, is Nasty Gal. Check out their new lookbook and be just as inspired as me to let your inner diva shine!



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April is the season for springtime and Coachella! Fantasize with us as we explore our dream festival outfit. Black hot shorts paired with a three-quarter sleeve white lace top make for quite a sexy get-up. Two jacket options give you the opportunity to dress up the outfit with a beautiful white blazer or go for the pink faux fur jacket. Show off some leg with Jeffrey Campbell style black ankle boots. Gorgeous jewelry and nail colors bring the outfit together and the black spiked handbag steals the show!

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 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! by Loretta

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This high quality bag is another favorite. It’s the perfect way to dress up a casual outfit. By the end of the work week, most of us are worn out. So much energy has been put into getting our goals accomplished and we are ready to kick off our high heels and begin the weekend. Ruling the world isn’t easy, but somebody has to stomp their way through it. This outfit is great for a casual day and paired with the right accessories it brings a spring of color to an all-black look.

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Casual Friday's by Loretta

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This is one of our most popular bags, the coral spiked backpack. I decided it would be great to take some time to show you a cool outfit option for rocking this handbag. Caution: this next outfit is DANGEROUSLY fashionable. Daring fashionistas beware, this girl is stealing the attention. The outfit consists of all black leather leggings and feminine top, black peplum jacket, a dangerously chic spiked fitted hat, with pops of color with pink lip gloss, nails that allow you to either blend in with pink polka dots or stand out with bold yellow, and a ferocious cheetah print wedged boot.

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Dangerously Fashionable by Loretta

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