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Hey folks! 

It has been quite some time since I blogged, but I have been hard at work establishing my new business. The workaholic Dream Queen has finally come back to Etsy!


I have created a new accessories line of bracelets called Arm Candy. Tweet #Armcandy to @Afrochiclcd . Arm Candy is a trendy accessories line that incorporates the popular rainbow loom craze and incorporates beads, spikes, and other trims to create a unique, one-of-a-kind accessory.

What makes Arm Candy different than most accessories lines is the fact that with every purchase, customers are helping to make a difference. Every month, a non-profit is selected and with every bracelet purchase, $1 is donated to the featured non-profit. This is an opportunity to enjoy edgy, fashionable jewelry while also giving back. Help a charity today and be sure to tweet #armcandy to @Afrochiclcd on Twitter. This month’s featured charity is St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. It is an excellent organization that helps children suffering from cancer. Spread the love and help a child for only $5 ❤


This is one of our most popular bags, the coral spiked backpack. I decided it would be great to take some time to show you a cool outfit option for rocking this handbag. Caution: this next outfit is DANGEROUSLY fashionable. Daring fashionistas beware, this girl is stealing the attention. The outfit consists of all black leather leggings and feminine top, black peplum jacket, a dangerously chic spiked fitted hat, with pops of color with pink lip gloss, nails that allow you to either blend in with pink polka dots or stand out with bold yellow, and a ferocious cheetah print wedged boot.

Check it out at this link:



Dangerously Fashionable by Loretta

The bag is on sale this week only for $40. Free shipping is included for all US orders.

You can purchase it at the following link: